(Note: This is a home-made race, and as such, is not found in any published books.)

The Dragonkin are a race of humans that at one point in history, was blessed (or cursed) with dragon blood. Those that survived lived on to reproduce. Eventually, the race became widespread, however, they are often avoided due to the powers they hold due to their draconic heritage. Even so, they are very peaceful, reserved, and have some heroes that aid other races.

It should be noted that while dragonkin started as humans, some other races have also been touched by dragons.

Physical Description: A dragonkin has two forms – a single human form, and their true form, that of a true dragon. In their human forms, Dragonkin tend to be particularly strong for their human stature. Depending on their dragon blood, they can have a variety of hair and eye colors. In their true form (if they have one), they appear just as a regular dragon of their blood would.

Society: Dragonkin tend to live in small villages, usually with other dragonkin due to being frowned at by other non-dragonkin races. They live their life normally, often using their draconic powers for various tasks.

Relations: As noted before, other races tend to see dragonkin as monsters. If someone is not aware of their draconic heritage, they tend to interact the same as they would their normal kind (IE a Dragonkin Dwarf gets along well with humans, but despise Orcs.)

Alignment and Religion: Similar to humans, they have a wide variety of personalities. They are as varied as Dragons when it comes to Alignments. As for dieties, they worship a widespread amount of gods, although some worship dieties that relate to dragons.

Adventurers: Depending upon their humanoid race, depends on their will to explore. In particular, they also share similar personalities when it comes to their draconic bloodline as a regular dragon of their bloodline (For example, a dragonkin whose bloodline relates to a greedy dragon, may have similar aspects of greed.)

Names: The names of Dragonkin are extremely varied, due to the mix of races that may be a dragonkin.

Dragonkin Racial Traits
Dragonkin have the Half-Dragon Template, with some modifications

Ability scores:In addition to the regular Ability Scores of their humanoid form, Dragonkin have the same power as dragons, making them very powerful. (+8 Strength, +6 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma. This is in addition to their Humanoid Racial bonuses)

Size: Dragonkin are Medium sized, unless they are of a smaller or larger humanoid race.

Speed: They have the same speed as their base humanoid form. In addition, they have wings. A Dragonkin’s fly speed is twice the speed of the base humanoid’s speed.

Dragon Heritage(EX): Dragonkin have the blood of a type of dragon flowing through them. Choose one type of dragon color. You gain immunity to that dragon’s energy, and any weaknesses it may have.

Dragon Immunities(EX): Dragonkin are immune to sleep and Paralysis. They also get a +2 racial bonus on their Will save.

Dragon Senses(EX): Dragonkin have similar senses to that of a Dragon. They gain Darkvision (90 feet), and Low-Light Vision out to four times as far as a human. They also gain Blindsense (30 feet).

Dragon Skin(EX): Dragonkin have notable tougher skin, just like their dragon brethren. They gain a +4 Natural Armor bonus and DR /Magic equal to half their Character Level. This DR stacks with other forms of DR.

Dragon Fury(EX): Once per day, a Dragonkin can assume the form of their blood dragon’s form. They essentially turn into the dragon’s age category as in the bestiary, overiding the Dragonkin’s skills and stats. The character gains the dragon’s HP as temporary HP. This effect lasts a number of minutes equal to the Dragonkin’s Levelx5 or when the temporary HP from this effect is depleted, whichever occurs first. After the effect is finished, the Dragonkin is Exhausted for 24 hours.

Level 1 – Equivalent to “Young”
Level 3 – Equivalent to “Juvenile”
Level 5 – Equivalent to “Young Adult”
Level 7 – Equivalent to “Adult”
Level 9 – Equivalent to “Mature Adult”
Level 11 – Equivalent to “Old”
Level 13 – Equivalent to “Very Old”
Level 15 – Equivalent to “Ancient”
Level 17 – Equivalent to “Wyrm”
Level 19 – Equivalent to “Great Wyrm”


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